Company Profile

RHEA  AQUA PRODUCTS is a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Water Demineralization System and  Packaged Drinking Water. The processed Packaged Drinking Water, which the company offers finds use in  households, commercial establishments, schools & colleges, etc. We assure that the water that we provide, is  absolutely free from suspended impurities and bacteria and is rich in vital minerals and also comes in  portable packaging. Moreover, the products are in compliance with the set BIS standards.

We have installed the latest processing facilities that assist in processing impure water to 99.99% accuracy. 

Furthermore, our processing unit is well-equipped with advanced machines and the operations are carried  in using the most advanced technologies. Stringent quality tests are conducted before making the final  delivery of processed water. We put special emphasis on the packaging of the products and offer  customized packaging to suit the specific requirements of the clients. We are committed towards making  timely deliveries as we have highly efficient transportation facilities by road.

Every single drop of water that drips into a bottle of RHEA has to go through a stringent 6-step purification process.
First groundwater is Ozonized to destroy virus and bacteria.The next step pf purification involves a Sand filter which removes coarse particles up to 30 microns in size.
A carbon filter is then used to remove color and odor,followed by Reverse Osmosis to filter minerals and salts.The penultimate step is the fortification of water with minerals.Finally,the water is Ozonized once more to ensure zero-contamination during bottling ans storage.Now, you can go ahead and enjoy the sweet taste of purity.

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